Born in Rio de Janeiro and living in Australia since 2014.

I started my self-knowledge immersion in Australia, my gateway was Reiki, and then I decided to go deeper into the study of the human energy system through Pranic Healing and Quantum Healing Stellar .

I was realizing that people need to re-signify their thoughts, that only the energy work would not solve if the person didn't change the thought pattern, from there I decided to study the aspects of the mind.

I am certified in Holistic Couselling, which has integrated the mental aspect of the individual, the field of emotions and the spiritual.

The tethahealing tool helped me access the individual's repetitive pattern of thinking.

The spiritual development courses with the medium and therapist

Márcia Moraes, since 2015, are the basis of my knowledge.

👁️⃤, First day - Polarities

Step one: Evaluation of its positive aspects. your main potentials, talents and pleasures, your sources of energy

Step two: Investigation of your problems and their causes and effects.

👁️⃤, Second day - Multidimensionality

Multiple therapies can be applied to your emotional flow, raising your energetic power.

For exemplo: Echo Healing Therapy, Quantum Stellar Healing,

Rometria, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Phytoenergetic Treatment

and Gypsy Oracle Cards etc.

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